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Trade like the Experts

Are you a beginner trader or someone who just does not have the time to study the markets?
If so, Copy Trade is for YOU!

Leverage on the expertise of professional traders and copy their trades with an
investment amount that suits you.

Start Copy Trade

How it Works?

Simple. The Follower selects a Money Manager and decides the amount to invest. Once connected, the
Money Manager's trades are automatically copied in real-time to the Follower's account, based on the amount invested.

Open an Account

Open an account and make a deposit in one of your trading accounts to be used as a source of funds for Copy Trade.

Select a Money Manager

Select from a list of available Money Managers based on their risk, profitability, and experience level.

Subscribe and Trade

Subscribe to a preferred Money Manager’s strategy, select your investment source and amount. Proceed to connect to selected Money Manager and Copy Trade away!

Diversify Your Trades

With an unlimited number of Money Manager to copy, you can create a balanced and diversified trading portfolio that is just right for you.

Copy Trading with AximTrade

Minimised Risk By Copying Professional Traders
Choose preferred Money Managers and Investment Amounts
Real Time Updates on Trade Performance
Available for all Account Types – Standard, ECN and CENT
Minimum lot size proportionate to Account Balance, from 0.00001 lots
Opportunity for Partners to earn Performance Fees

How to CopyTrade

Video tutorial on becoming a Follower and a Money manager

Open Trading Account Video Tutorial

New to AximTrade? Click on the video tutorial to guide you with opening an account with us!

Followers Video Tutorial

What is a Follower? Click on the video tutorial to better clear your queries on being one.

Money Manager Video Tutorial

Think you have what it take to be one? Click to find out more!

FAQs Copy Trade

Have a question on Copy Trade? Refer to the FAQs below or connect with our support team via chat!

General Enquiry

In trading, you must understand and be well informed of all possible risks before investing your money. There is no guarantee of a Money Manager’s future success based on their past performance.

However, there are risk management features that can help you to make sound decisions when choosing a Money Manager which may help to maximise profits and minimise potential losses.

Trades are generally executed almost immediately from when the Money Manager executes his/her trades.

You can disconnect from any Money Manager and stop copying trades anytime. Once disconnect, any funds invested and/or profits earned with the Money Manager will return back to your connected trading account.

Take note that all trades must be closed prior to disconnecting from that Money Manager.

There are no limits to the number of strategies a Money Manager can have.

You may do so under the section on Money Managers, which provides information on existing strategies. On the dashboard, you will find information on the total number of Followers for that strategy.

Login to your Member Area and begin CopyTrade immediately! You may also refer to the steps here

Fees and Charges

AximTrade will not charge you any fees/commissions. You will only incur a specified performance fee that will be paid directly to the Money Manager.

The minimum amount required to start copying a Money Manager depends on the settings of that Money Manager.

No. There may be execution delays depending on the spreads, attributed to slippage, which can be higher or lower. You will however be able to view this slippage in your account history.

Yes, you will be able to withdraw funds from your strategy account. Prior to that, you are required to disconnect all followers and close all open positions.

Connect and Manage Connections

There are no limits to the number of Money Managers and/or strategies a Follower may connect to.

Yes! A Money Manager may also double up as a Follower at the same time. However, there are risks of looping strategies when a Money Manager has Followers and being a Follower himself.

You will need to be verified before qualifying to become a Money Manager. You may click here for more details.

Supporting Traders Worldwide

Here at AximTrade, we strive at providing only the best for our clients and are here with support, always.

Trading Volume

400 billion

Our Clients


partner registration in a year

300k+ new partners

Trading Accounts

1 million

payouts to ibs

5 million

Highest Payout & instant crediting

Competitive rebates

Comprehensive reports for partners


efforts for ibs to gain clients


Currency offered


Need we say more?
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